LittleDish - Reviews

I love this Mac and cheese. I was nervous that our baby wouldn’t like it because she has already experienced a lot of the other less healthy brands but she ate all of this up! This is my new go to go to product. No more mom guilt! – Jess


My two year old loves Little Dish! I am so happy it is at Target now! – Tiffany


YUMMY!  Toddler and Mommy approved! My 16 month old daughter loved it!! She ate over half which is double what she usually eats in a sitting! – Girlmom


I am a mom of four that has been looking for a product like this for a long time. My kids love the food. I love the hidden veggies and that it is in the refrigerated section. The eco-friendly glass jar is awesome. – Sar2011


My picky kids gobble up Little Dish. I am so happy that it’s sold at Target! – Jen


My picky eaters ate couldn’t get enough of the pasta marinara – the only evidence of dinner left was the sauce on their faces! Next up – Mac and Cheese! – Julie


As a working mom during the pandemic, it has been stressful to find quick, healthy options for my kids.  When I saw this at Target, I decided to give it a try.  I’m glad I did.  My son loved the Pasta.  Will definitely be buying again.  Thanks Little Dish for making dinner easier. – Gwen


Our soon to be 16 month old is not a big portion eater and gets tired of eating the same meal! So, I’m constantly giving and trying new foods and meals! Miss Fiona loved and ate half the portion which is a lot for her in one sitting! We are your new biggest/littlest fans! So far she loves the pasta and tomato sauce! We have the Mac and cheese to try next! Hope to find others! We found those two at target last night! - Amber, mom of two beautiful Daughters! With a 12 year age gap!


Twin dad here! My wife stumbled across your products at our local Target and I’m glad she did.  It made a usually stressful event super easy! Heat, eat and easy cleanup. – Adam, Reece and Sam’s dad