LittleDish - Our Mission

Powering toddlerhood

Hillary created Little Dish to make a positive impact on children's lives through nutrition and to this day we continue our mission to set up every child for success.

We are the pioneers of fresh toddler nutrition. By providing fresh, nutritious food, Little Dish helps parents nourish their toddlers every day.

We believe that good nutritional habits provide toddlers with the essential building blocks they need to fuel their success. We accomplish this by creating meals that are full of all the nutritious ingredients a toddler needs at this very important stage of growth.

Little Dish is more than a perfectly balanced meal. It’s the power to create a happier, more adventurous toddler filled with the right energy to fully discover the world around them at this amazing stage.

It’s the power to set toddlers up to thrive for years to come.