LittleDish - Our Weaning Must Haves

Here are a few foods that baby can try when they’re weaning. Remember to introduce allergenic foods one at a time.


They pack a real protein punch, are a good source of iron and are fantastic blended with all kinds of veggies. Try them with butternut squash, sweet potatoes, onions and carrots

Butter and olive oil

Little ones have high energy needs and small stomachs and they need fat in their diets to support growth. Fats can also help them get used to new textures and tastes

Full fat natural yoghurt

A great low-sugar snack and a good source of protein, calcium and B12. Try it mixed with a spoonful of mashed berries for added goodness


Blends into a lovely smooth texture but is equally good as a finger food. Full of good fats and high in B vitamins, they’re a great way to support energy levels

Baby porridge

A great source of slow release energy and fibre, and usually fortified with key nutrients like iron


Rich in omega 3 fatty acids and high in protein and zinc, salmon is a brilliant weaning food. Tinned salmon has the added benefit of containing small, soft bones which deliver a calcium boost (be sure to mash well)

Cream cheese

A delicious toast or cracker topper and perfect for dunking veggie sticks in


A super blend of oil, chickpeas and tahini – hummus is nutritious and delicious. Dunk, spread or spoon, it makes a great weaning companion


Scrambled, hard boiled, made into eggy bread or as a delicious omelette, eggs are a great go to for a quick snack, lunch or tea

Nut butters

Almond, peanut or cashew are all yummy spread on rice cakes, wholegrain toast solders and oat cakes or stirred into natural yoghurt