LittleDish - Meet Dr. Nicole Avena

Our Nutrition Expert

Dr Nicole Avena is a nutritional expert for babies and toddlers. We are delighted Nicole is part of our Little Dish team, helping us to ensure every Little Dish recipe delivers a complete nutritionally balanced meal for your toddler.

Nicole received a Ph.D. in Psychology and Neuroscience from Princeton University in 2006 before going on to complete a postdoctoral fellowship in 2010 at the Rockefeller University in New York City.

Currently, Nicole resides as Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City and is a Visiting Professor in Health Psychology at Princeton University. She has published over 90 scholarly journal articles on topics related to diet and nutrition, and has won awards for her research.

Nicole’s most recent book, What to Feed Your Baby and Toddler (2018), covers nutrition for babies who are just beginning to eat, and offers science-based advice and practical tips on how to get your baby to eat healthy foods.

Nicole lives in Princeton, NJ with her husband and two daughters, Vivie, 3 and Stella, 9. Follow Nicole on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

What Nicole says about us:

“I’ve worked closely with Hillary and the Little Dish team to ensure their range of fresh toddler meals are perfectly nutritionally balanced and full of goodness. Feeding your children fresh, nutritious food from the start encourages healthy habits they will carry with them throughout their life.”